Green is Good.

DeFeo Associates' Sustainability, Energy Conservation and Recycling Consultants will show you how.

In business, "Going Green" is more than a philosophy or P.R. initiative. Successfully implementing intelligent, innovative plans for sustainability, energy conservation, recycling and solid waste management can have a major impact on an organization's bottom line, from reduced operating and energy costs, to decreased waste management expenses, to tax rebates and allowances, to reduced health costs for workers.

DeFeo Associates has been "green" consulting for over 25 years -- before it was cool. We can show you how sustainability has evolved from admirable but impractical efforts to streamlined, effective conservation strategies and technologies for today's facility, construction and waste management.

DeFeo Associates Sustainability & Energy Conservation ConsultingSustainability & Energy Conservation Consulting

In today's regulatory environment, it is critical to consider both the economic and environmental impact of business decisions and strategic plans. Through comprehensive commercial energy audits, our sustainability consultants develop short- and long-term strategies for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building practices, purchasing and green building operations that reduce your impact on the environment and save money. More about Sustainable Solutions

DeFeo Associates Recycling, Solid Waste Management and Public Works ConsultingRecycling, Solid Waste Management and Public Works Consulting

Our expert environmental consultants uncover hundreds of untapped opportunities to reduce solid waste disposal expenses through effective recycling programs, coordinated solid waste and recycling efforts, cost-cutting waste removal and disposal contract negotiations and knowledgeable solid waste and recycling regulatory compliance advice. DeFeo Associates is experienced in assisting both public and private sector clients, including corporations, waste management firms, and municipal and county government authorities.
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DeFeo Associates Government, Public Affairs and Education ConsultingGovernment, Public Affairs and Education Consulting

Successful adoption of environmental initiatives and programs requires that leaders and participants alike understand and accept the underlying problems and potential solutions. A clear, well-positioned message, engaging presentation and delivery, and identification and understanding of the audience are essential, whether you are targeting employees, the general public, regulatory or legislative bodies.
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DeFeo Associates Solid Waste and Recycling Investigation and Expert TestimonySolid Waste and Recycling Investigation and Expert Testimony

Protect yourself from the financial risk of contract and regulatory disputes arising from current and past solid waste disposal and recycling practices. DeFeo Associates offers research, investigation services, regulatory interpretation and expert testimony to support and guide your organization through any disposal and recycling issues.
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