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Sustainability and Energy Conservation ConsultingSustainability and Energy Conservation Consulting

What is Sustainability?

The Circle of Sustainability

Sustainable Development

The Rewards of Sustainable Development

Sustainability, Energy Conservation and LEED Consulting

Sustainability and Energy Audits

Sustainability and Energy Recommendations

LEED Green Building Consulting

Sustainability — Saving Dollars and Resources

Communicating the Message of Sustainability

Recycling, Solid Waste and Public Works ConsultingRecycling, Solid Waste and Public Works Consulting

Recycling and Waste Management: Environmental Responsibility meets Fiscal Responsibility

Don't Throw it All Away

Recycling and Waste Management Solutions

Solid Waste Management and Recycling Audits

Waste Management and Recycling Program Development and Compliance

Public Works Consulting

Government, Public Affairs and Education ConsultingGovernment, Public Affairs and Education Consulting

Environmental Initiatives Education Programs and Presentations Get the Word Out

Environmental Education and Awareness Programs

Tailored Recycling, Conservation and Sustainability Presentations

Government and Public Affairs Relations

EnviroPolitics Newsletter

Solid Waste and Recycling Investigation and Expert TestimonySolid Waste and Recycling Investigation and Expert Testimony

Making a Case for Solid Waste and Recycling Practices

Protect Yourself from Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Liability

Recognized Expert for Solid Waste and Recycling Cases

Environmental Issues:  Press & PublicationsEnvironmental Issues: Press & Publications
Warren-based environmental consultant helps businesses see green
The sky is falling…or is it? How to make recycling work if grant funding ends.
Dover eyes water, DPW merger
Burlington County Recycling lowers cost 64 cents per household
NJ Recyclers' Award recipient Wayne DeFeo
The State of New Jersey Recycling & Conservation Program
Campus Recycling Program at Montclair State University
Recycling Education at Pemberton Township Public Schools
Sustainability — Saving Dollars and Resources
Communicating the Message of Sustainability
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Wayne DeFeo is a LEED Accredited Professional.

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