Recycling Certification Hits the Empire State

Construction & Demolition Recycling Association

Recycling Certification Hits the Empire State article Cooper Tank Recycling is one of the largest members in New York city's private waste and recycling industry. They spend most of their day figuring out how to recycle things, recycle them better and minimize the cost of disposal for themselves, their customers, the environment and the community.

They have been granted the honor to be the first recycling facility in the state of New York that displays the level of transparency required to qualify for RCI certification.

RCI's primary focus is on accurate recycling accounting to ensure that the recovery and recycling reports issued by certified facilities are real, verifiable, reproducible and reliable.

View the complete article - Recycling Certification Hits the Empire State

View the complete article - Recycling Certification Hits the Empire State

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Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil, and 4,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity - enough energy to power the average American home for five months.

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