Wayne DeFeo Presents "Recycling Public Policy" at Rutgers University

Rutgers Office of Continuing & Professional Education

Municipal, county and corporate recycling professionals gave outstanding reviews to Wayne DeFeo for his recent presentation of "Recycling Public Policy" through the Rutgers Office of Continuing and Professional Education. The day-long event touched on several issues important to the recycling industry.

DeFeo discussed the licensing of companies engaged in the solid/hazardous waste business (A-901 )following a NJ State Commission of Investigation report implying that organized crime has infiltrated the industry. Recently proposed legislation to include the recycling industry in that system was put on hold after comments were received from the Attorney General's Office.

RecyclingLater in the session, DeFeo and participants discussed the question of delisting designated recyclables such as glass, which has become a difficult material to recycle in the traditional way. In fact, glass reduces the recyclability of paper in single stream programs. Today, in New Jersey, most glass is being used as alternative landfill cover, road base or just being landfilled. Perhaps it is time to stop mandating the collection of glass and simply put the sand back in the ground.

Attendees hailed from a myriad of recycling industry occupations, from DPW and recycling coordinators to municipal managers to recycling enforcement officers. Evaluations of the course and DeFeo were overwhelmingly positive, offerin comments including,

"Great historical background information on recycling in NJ and how it relates to corruption."

"Wayne is very knowledgeable and makes you think."

"Excellent rating...always interesting."

"Great subject knowledge...Wayne is awesome!"