Chemical Recycling for Plastics?

Bloomberg recently reported that at least 60 chemical companies are “racing” to recycle plastics by essentially using chemistry to return them back to their original chemical components. If this is successful, it would allow plastic to be recycled in a way that is not dependent on the resin from which it is formed. The article […]

Talk About Persistence!

A recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology notes that even since being banned over 50 years ago, DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) still remains in the sediment of lakes. Wow, talk about persistence. The study further notes that this residue, and the toxic byproducts that are formed when DDT breaks down, are effecting the sustainability of […]

US Green Building Council Celebrates Women in Green

Article from New Jersey Business & Industry Association Magazine The U.S. Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter (USGBC NJ) hosted “Celebrating Women in Green” on Wednesday, June 19th. USGBC NJ is a State-wide organization of professionals, businesses, innovators and community leaders working to accomplish a bold vision: healthy, green, and energy-efficient buildings and communities. The […]