Welcome to 2021

I have attached a list of resolutions made by some of the readers of the New York Times. I am going to try and improve my reduced carbon footprint and my resolution is to plant at least 10 new trees in my yard and continue to increase plantings at other locations….We recently put in over […]

It is Certainly Time

The attached opinion on removing the mobius strip from plastic is right on point. People are confused and rightly so. Recycling coordinators are frustrated. MRF operators are exasperated and the market is flooded with plastic that amounts to garbage. It is time to follow the Oregon example on a national scale and put a truth […]

Pandemic Not Slowing Down Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation As Much As Thought

As reported in Waste Dive and Enviropolitics, a number of states are still moving forward with Extended Producer Responsibility legislation. This is rather amazing news when we consider that people are still nervous about touching surfaces….(On a side note, the most recent reports on that issue are encouraging. It does not appear that Fomite transfer […]