New Jersey’s Senator Smith Takes a Large Stride Toward the Circular Economy

Last week, Senator Smith introduced legislation that would require manufacturers to include post consumer content in the products that they manufacture. Interestingly, the major producers of those products were not speaking in outright opposition. They hedged their bets with the hope of watering down the legislation and having a smaller percentage of post consumer material […]

Renew Liner Simply Does Not Care

A packaging product called Renew Liner is made from PET fiber. Unfortunately, the company FALSELY claims that this packaging is recyclable. As you can see, the packaging is a fiber and clear plastic film. To my knowledge, there are no curbside programs that can accept this material. It cannot be recycled with plastic bags at […]

Living in Harmony with Nature

Please join us on Friday June 5th at 11am EST for Living in Harmony with Nature – General Green Practices. Discover how to incorporate healthy environmental standards in your home and yard, and why it matters. There will be a slide show on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and green building in general, […]