The World Targets Plastic

In spite of all of the bad news that we hear about countries not cooperating, the United Nations has embarked on negotiating a globally binding treaty designed to reduce plastic in our environment. As National Geographic reported, this will have a larger impact than the Paris Climate Accord. Why? Because when the world targets plastic […]

Oregon Tackles Recycling Reality

Oregon has begun the process of making truth in product labels a recycling reality. The state has recently started the research needed to get companies to support their claims of recyclability. It will then sort the information into categories such as what can be recycled curbside….for example…plastic garment bags from the dry-cleaner can be recycled, […]

Tired of Batteries Yet?

A trip to the New York City recycling facility should be a simple cruise between one borough and another. That is not the case when people put rechargeable or Lithium batteries in their recycling. A recent fire on one of the barges transporting batteries to the City’s recycling plant in Brooklyn just reinforces the problem […]