Storm Water

It is ironic that when water becomes scarce, we start to look at rainwater and say, why are we letting this run off and be wasted. In some locations, like Bermuda, those limestone white roofs are more than just pretty, they help to clean the rainwater so that it can be stored in cisterns. In […]

Formaldehyde in Cheap Laminate Flooring

You get what you pay for!! This old adage appears to be proven yet again based on the problems that some homeowners are experiencing with cheap laminate flooring. When working on a LEED certified building, we take great pains to eliminate off gassing of formaldehyde and other VOC’s. That is one of the core requirements […]

Natural Lighting

It is rather amazing to me that we need a study to verify that natural light makes people “happier, healthier and more productive”. Nonetheless, the Wall Street Journal article on natural lighting products remakes what is of course a logical conclusion. This article raises two very interesting points that I have had to deal with […]