Renew Liner Simply Does Not Care

A packaging product called Renew Liner is made from PET fiber. Unfortunately, the company FALSELY claims that this packaging is recyclable. As you can see, the packaging is a fiber and clear plastic film. To my knowledge, there are no curbside programs that can accept this material. It cannot be recycled with plastic bags at the supermarket, or in any other bag collection program and the manufacturer won’t take it.

renew liner

When challenged by recycling professionals in New Jersey, the company’s answer is essentially, WE DON’T CARE…IT is your problem and we won’t change our product or our label.

This is arrogance combined with I don’t care.

Please call the company and register a complaint. IF you have purchased a product packaged in this material, contact the company from whom you purchased the product and file a complaint.

Finally, do not put Renew Liner into your recycling stream.

The telephone number for the product is: 415-389-5004

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2 thoughts on “Renew Liner Simply Does Not Care

  1. Received something a while ago and put the renewliner it was sent in aside as as I am periodically selling on ebay and this seemed to be a great packing material for dishes. I wrapped some dishes up in it and sent them off to the purchaser, and I decided that I would purchase some of this and looked on the internet to see where from. Luckily I saw your post before I went any further. What a shame that they are deliberately misleading people.

    1. First, thanks for reading my blog! More importantly, thanks for reusing the material..maybe the buyer will keep the reuse cycle going! Lastly, thanks for taking a real action! The power of the pursestrings is probably the most effective tool that we have.

      I am happy that you were able to use the information!!!!!!!!!

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