Soils Continued

In my last post on soils, you may recall that the discussion centered on the impacts of chemicals on soil health. Now, to alarm you a bit more, we see that we are losing topsoil in our largest areas of farmland. While the exact numbers are not clear, and the study is less rigorous than […]

Gas or Electric in Homes?

Gas or Electric? In multiple states, including NJ, there is a push to phase out gas appliances in homes and replace them with electric. The goal, reduce carbon emissions and improve the indoor air health in homes. As noted in the attached Washington Post Article, the gas appliance industry and consumers are pushing back and […]

Small Steps Are a Good Start at GWU

George Washington University is moving to phase out single use plastics. They are installing water refill stations and phasing out plastic bottles in vending machines; phasing out disposable service ware and other single use plastics along with taking other steps to be more sustainable. While this will not change the world, it will change a […]

Is Recycling Useful

Is Recycling Useful? This question has come up again and again over the years. In most of the articles, the facts are misconstrued and the general conclusion is that recycling is not all it is cracked up to be. The recent article in the Atlantic is one of the better articles that I have seen […]