Seawalls as Folly

It has recently been reported that Seaside Heights and Belmar are proposing seawalls to protect their communities. I have been studying the environment for many years and I am amazed at the folly of people when it comes to their thoughts on dealing with a dynamic system like the ocean. More than twenty years ago […]

The Irony of the Boardwalk

Energy Audit Report Evaluates Energy Consumption and Identifies Cost-Effective Energy Conservation Measures Somerset County Business Partnership DeFeo Associates performed an extensive energy audit of the Somerset County (N.J.) Business Partnership’s 8,000 s.ft. office building to evaluate energy consumption and identify cost-effective energy conservation measures and corresponding carbon emissions reduction. The study included a physical survey, […]

Some Lessons of Sandy Part 2

LEED-Certified Green Building Managing the complexities of green building design, construction and operations to meet U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification process. Sustainable Business Practices Adopting the Triple Bottom Line framework to balance social, environmental, and financial impacts on business, people, and the planet. Recycling & Solid Waste Management Balancing the demands and expense of […]

Some Lessons of Sandy

Making a Case for Solid Waste and Recycling Practices Laws and regulations are open to interpretation, and everyone makes mistakes. These two ideas expose many organizations and communities to financial and punitive risk for solid waste disposal and recycling practices of the past or the present: Are your materials being recycled as you believe? Was […]