LEED and Lighting Design

Mr. Chow has written an excellent article on lighting design that anyone, whether interested in LEED or just good lighting should read as a primer. I have seen lighting considered as an afterthought on far too many projects. Either people don’t want to spend the money on good quality lighting, or they do not receive […]

Healthy Building Syndrome

What is Sustainability?Simply put, Sustainability means that a resource can be maintained indefinitely. It is naturally replenished as fast, or faster, than it is used.The Earth provides valuable natural resources (like oil, water, forestry) that humanity uses for its fuel, food, shelter – all aspects of its existence. For a resource to be sustainable, it […]

A Potential Ban on LEED

Brooke Morales Brooke started her career with interior design and business development experience in the NJ and NY A&D community and specifically focused on sustainable building and design practices. She has experience sourcing and selecting sustainable interior and exterior building materials for commercial and residential specifications. As an interior designer and consultant, she presents space […]

Green Hospitality in Practice

On a recent trip, I had the pleasure of staying in a LEED gold certified hotel. This property was not only a fine hotel, but it actually practices the concepts of sustainability as a part of its business model. The hotel, an Element (part of the Westin chain) is not only a green hotel, it […]