Seawalls as Folly

It has recently been reported that Seaside Heights and Belmar are proposing seawalls to protect their communities. I have been studying the environment for many years and I am amazed at the folly of people when it comes to their thoughts on dealing with a dynamic system like the ocean. More than twenty years ago […]

Some Lessons of Sandy Part 3

Last week I blogged about the power companies and our need to pay for infrastructure improvements such as selectively burying electric power lines. But what about why so many homes and businesses were lost. Who is responsible for that? I asked questions implying that the following parties are all partly to blame. Local land use […]

Energy Subsidies: Nuclear

We read a great deal about how clean nuclear power is with regard to CO2 emissions. Thus, we are told that this is a good investment. Is it? The problem with all of the subsidies, and renewables are not exempt from this argument, is that those who argue for them tend to ignore the total […]

Energy Subsidies: Part IV

Subsidies are a public policy question. That is a reasonable position to take. It seems odd that those who complain the most about the provision of subsidies to the new, renewable energy industries and for energy conservation programs are the current recipients of some of the richest, most far reaching subsidies ever given in the […]