Who Wants a Subsidy of $11 Million per Minute?

As reported in the Guardian, the IMF reports that the fossil fuel industry is subsidized to the tune of $11 million each minute. Since 2015, the G20 countries have given the industry trillions of dollars…Yes, Trillions….

fossil fuel industry

Yet, here we are, in a climate crisis, and still countries continue the subsidies.

We know that fossil fuels fail the “Triple Bottom Line” test for sustainability….They are environmentally harmful, they hurt people socially…just look at California for the first two, and obviously, they can’t sustain themselves without more than a century of government subsidy.

I know that the fossil fuel lovers will claim that renewables get subsidies…well, let’s either give renewables the same subsidy that fossil fuels get or take all of them away… A thought…

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Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds

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