Rethinking Recycling

As always, my old friend Chaz Miller seems to cut to the chase with his articles. His latest speaks to the issue of how we identify recycling…specifically, as we have talked about in this blog before, what are recyclables? The answer, as Chaz notes; they are raw material…nothing more, nothing less. It is time that […]

New Technology = New Opportunity.

We see that the issue of resource location will have a large impact on the future of renewable and clean technologies. Who controls the sources of elements such as Lithium and Cobalt as well as other metals can indeed impact the price and development speed of these new technologies. The Times report on this problem […]

Chaz Miller…Thanks for the Years of Service

Chaz Miller recently announced his retirement from the National Waste and Recycling Association…I had the pleasure of working with Chaz over the years and his retirement article is a good summary of his efforts. Chaz knows both the solid waste and the recycling industries. His comments on recycling’s problems have always been on point. Whether […]