Oregon Revamp on Recycling and EPR

As reported in Resource Recycling, Oregon has passed a comprehensive piece of legislation that places the cost and responsibility for recyclability directly where it belongs; on the manufacturers! While there are elements of Oregon’s recycling and EPR laws that I do not agree with (namely deposit laws on easily recycled items), the state deserves credit […]

Microplastics are Everywhere

This sentence says it all on microplastics. “The staggering amount of microplastics we found likely means that no river, lake or stream is safe from this increasingly common contaminant.” Franz Savitz, PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center. Let me scare you some more. Rutgers is now studying the impact on marine species that we consume….including, blue […]

Landfills versus Methane

We know that landfills are the least desirable solid waste disposal solution. Even the best landfills leak methane. More importantly, after my last blog on the circular economy, we know that landfills are so far from that concept that they are in no way the preferred solution. The new focus on how to calculate emissions […]