Battery Fires Are the Bane of Recycling Centers

As we have noted in prior blogs, improperly placed rechargeable batteries continue to cause battery fires and burn down New Jersey’s recycling centers.

The latest of these battery fires occurred recently in Tinton Falls; you can watch the video here. The fire in Tinton Falls is not an isolated incident either. Here is a video of a fire in a Passaic recycling center. Every time one of these processing facilities burns to the ground New Jersey loses recycling capacity and the municipalities that were served have to find new destinations for recyclables.

battery fires

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing with Ms. Carole Tolmachewich of Middlesex County on TV35 to make an attempt at getting the word out about the proper way to recycle rechargeable batteries. Folks, keep them out of the recycling stream and the garbage.

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