Buffet’s Grandson Creates New Company, focusing investments on Sustainability issues

Mr. Buffett has started his own investment house…i(x) Investments in order to focus investments on issues such as clean energy, sustainable agriculture and water scarcity…while as he stated, looking for that sweet spot.

clean-energy-sustainabilityWhat a fascinating concept…invest in what people need, do so in a way that helps to create new, more sustainable companies, and, while you are at it, make a profit.

It is time that we, all of us, as investors, put our money where our mouth’s are. Let’s make our money work, but work for the betterment of people as well as for ourselves. Mr. Buffett appears to be taking that tack and kudos to him.

I moved to that format many years ago and I am pleased with the results on many levels…Steady and realistic returns in companies that try to do good and do well.

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Buffett’s Grandson Seeks Own Investment Route: Social Change
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