When Do Car Companies Care About MPG?

Well, it appears that the answer is simple….When there is the risk of multiple MPG standards being implemented around the country. As you may recall, the President has announced that he will roll back the hard won fuel efficiency standards. But oops…as is often the case, he forgot to think.


The California Car as it is commonly known is now the adopted standard for about 30% of the U.S. population. That means that car companies would have to make two classes of cars. One that meets the California standard and one that can pollute more through a lower standard. Even those companies with the greatest level of who cares about the environment can’t accept the confusion this type of system would create. Why, because it will hurt their bottom lines.

Now, believe it or not, the auto industry; that same industry that has fought the government on nearly every mandatory pollution and safety standard is saying wait a minute. We didn’t want you to roll back the MPG standards that far. Can’t we have a do over and maybe split the difference?

Thankfully, California is standing firm against this lunacy.

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Automakers Tell Trump His Pollution Rules Could Mean ‘Untenable’ Instability and Lower Profits

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