The Carbon Tax in Action

When I speak with some about climate change and refer to carbon taxes as a good idea, I am amazed at the vitriolic responses. The amazing thing is the presumption that taxes are all bad…but that is a discussion for another time.


Talking about taxes in the abstract is one thing. Seeing the real effect is something else entirely.

In Vancouver, there has been a carbon tax in place since 2008. The tax applies across the board from business to private homes and everywhere in between. As reported in the Times, not only did the economy not collapse due to the carbon tax, it grew faster than its neighbors! And miracle of miracles, greenhouse emissions declined while the economy grew!

As in any tax, this one raised the cost of fuel, yet the world did not stop spinning on its axis.

At the same time, the provincial government reduced the corporate income tax! Wow…darn liberals…Oh wait, the party that passed this tax is actually a conservative leaning group. Oh oh….what is the world coming to.

The point here is that a carbon tax can and does work.

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Does a Carbon Tax Work? Ask British Columbia
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