What is a Caring Person To Do With Salad?

The Times article on salad bowls is a hoot. Well, it is at least a great example of how confusing it can be to do what we think is right.


All of the take out orders of salads in New York result in take out containers that need to be taken to a disposal location in some way or another. So, should we use plastic recyclable containers?

Compostable paper or Compostable Plastic Containers? Reusable Containers?

What is a person to do?

The clear winner would be reusable containers. Remember lunchboxes? But they are not always convenient…and who can remember them all of the time?

We each have to make the choice of the least destructive container…

I do give credit to the shops that are at the very least trying…

Note….I don’t have an absolute answer…this is just to make you think.

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Is Your Salad Habit Good For the Planet?
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