LEED Equals a Better Sustainability Investment Strategy

Sustainability is more than good words, and as it turns out, LEED is also a better sustainability investment strategy. As noted in Fundfire’s recent article investment funds are looking to be more sustainable in their real world actions and their factual reporting of those actions. For example, Wellington Management has targets and achieved up to a 75% reduction in market based emissions…as reported, and reflects a calculation based on a third party standard.

Plant growing in money sustainable investment strategy

There are several important points here. First, as noted, companies need to think beyond their walls. Travel, purchasing habits and all level of operations have an impact on sustainability. Next, don’t forget that as a tenant, you have power today. If commercial space that is sustainably designed means something to you, fight for it.

Finally, remember, as noted in the article, that your employees matter. Maximizing fresh air flow, using proper temperature monitoring systems and ensuring that your employees are comfortable and in a space that is healthy (my add on…) all matter.

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Managers Rethink Office Design, Travel Policies to Align with Net-Zero Goals.

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