Can We Achieve a Circular Economy?

Ok, so this article on the Circular Economy is not from this month. But the story has not improved.

Circular Economy

We all talk a good game about wanting to achieve a Circular Economy, but why don’t we get there? Oh, we can blame a number of sources and all are valid culprits.

The World Resources Institute really summarized the problem with 5 basic causes. Guess what, we are all guilty; myself included.

The issues are really quite simple….convenience, silly regulations (my libertarian friends will like that one), plastics, poor recycling technology and really short sighted business models.

Here is the real kicker…the recommendation is for more public – private partnerships…Yes. We need the private sector…and it can work. We do need to monitor behavior of that sector and we do need regulation…as far as I am concerned, but we can do more.

So what are you doing today? Read the article and let’s see what each of us can do to improve the situation.

Read the full article:
5 Reasons the World Wastes So Much Stuff (and Why It’s Not Just the Consumer’s Fault)

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