Clean Ocean Action is Being Duped and Used

The controversy regarding the issue of off shore wind, and the concern for whale health is causing harm to the environment. Despite good intentions, Clean Ocean Action is being duped and used.

Clean Ocean Action Swimming Whale

While COA has been expressing concern about whales, it is doing so without data or evidence. This is unfortunate. As a result, those who are supporting fossil fuels…which pose a much greater harm to the whales than anything so far proposed by the off shore wind projects, are using COA.

Essentially, Clean Ocean Action is being played for the patsy. More unfortunately, we know that continued warming of the oceans will bring whales closer to shore and thus in our area, increase their risk of being harmed by ships…which at least based on the evidence to date, is the reason for their deaths.

I admire COA for their efforts, but on this matter they are way off base and causing more harm than good.

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