Twin Passions?

climate change conceptWith a major industrialist that supports efforts to control climate change yet who also supports a hard right candidate what is an environmentalist to do? It appears that the one thing that people who want to reduce climate change can agree upon is that there are many technologies that they can’t agree upon.

I applaud all efforts to reduce the impacts or march of change…but I do want to point out to the Times that the use of the word “belief” is yet again wrongly placed in an article that relates to a scientific process.

Notwithstanding the politics of Mr. Sabin or whether I agree with these politics or not, the issue of climate change is one that he correctly supports with facts from reputable sources in many ways. Even if we don’t agree with all of the scholarly articles, what properly frightens people who make decisions based on facts are comments from people like Representative Foxx from North Carolina who does not accept that human activity can impact the climate and says this is so “Because I happen to believe that God is in charge.”

There is that word again…believe…

What ever happened to a country that has generated some of the best scientific minds in the world?

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