Why not Simply Burn the Mona Lisa if we are Cold

Mr. Trump has taken yet another step to destroy that which is really owned by all of us. His logic is that we need to get more oil and gas as well as other minerals out of all of the land as quickly as we can so that we can make the cost of these items as low as we can. Of course, his real goal is to simply enrich archaic and dying industries so that he can also enrich himself and his friends.

Destroying Bears Ears National Monument with the arguments that we need to get into this area for the good of the Country is the equivalent of saying let’s burn the Mona Lisa because we are cold. Both result in the destruction of a masterpiece. Both result in irreparable harm.

Bears Ears National Monument

This is just another shameful action that will harm future generations.

This man reminds me of a character from a famous book, The Lord of The Rings…and I am paraphrasing…

The end of the book shows a disgraced megalomaniac doing all that he can to destroy a beautiful area…and when confronted, he states that he does not care about that, but he is happy that it will take many years to repair his damage.

Sound familiar?

Trump Slashes Size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Monuments
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