Eggland’s Best….Greenwashing and Polystyrene

I recently had to purchase some Eggland’s Best Eggs….I have nothing against the eggs themselves…but I have had a problem with their use of polystyrene packaging for some time.


Thus, I wrote to the company:

Due to the situation here and in most places, I was forced to purchase your eggs. While I have no problem with the eggs…your packaging is environmentally and socially irresponsible. Polystyrene contributes to global pollution on many levels. There is no reason that you need this packaging that is not recyclable…and please don’t give me a greenwash answer that it is…I have run recycling operations for more than three decades. If you do not change your packaging, this is the last dozen that I will purchase….I am happy to send you the empty container if you pay for postage and proper disposal.

And the response:

Good afternoon Wayne,

Thank you for contacting Eggland’s Best. We thank you for your concern about our packaging. Your comments will be forwarded to the team responsible for carton decisions. We are always striving toward the best option, and it is committed customers such as you who help us to think about our current strategy and help make change happen.

Catherine Taylor

You have to love the response. I certainly don’t fault the employee for doing her job. She did it well. But the company is so far behind the times that it is almost laughable.

I encourage people to write to the company, and until they utilize sustainable packaging, not to buy the eggs….

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