Electric Vehicles Must Have a Raw Materials Chain of Custody

A raw materials chain of custody, fair treatment of people and fair compensation for the raw materials is needed to foster the electric revolution and MUST be an integral part of the process.

dump truck transporting raw materials chain of custody

As noted in the Washington Post, the classic colonial, big power abuse of people who actually have the needed raw materials is now being repeated by the electric car industry. In Guinea, people are losing their land, the water is being polluted, the people are being paid pennies and mining companies are becoming rich on Bauxite…a necessary mineral for electric car manufacturing. The auto industry, including Ford, Tesla and GM have responded by writing a stern letter…Really? That is the response?

The people in Guinea should be benefiting, not suffering in light of their mineral wealth….Right now it seems that history is repeating itself…and a few will become rich at the expense of many.

Come on manufacturers, you have the clout…fix this with a raw materials chain of custody.

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On frontier of new ‘Gold Rush’, quest for coveted EV metals yields misery

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