Incineration is not the solution

UPDATE 01/28/2015: The two leading industry publications in the recycling and composting industries, Resource Recycling and BioCycle, have issued a joint statement that the article paints an incomplete picture of the state of municipal solid waste (MSW) management in the U.S. in 2015. Excerpts from NY Times article are followed by facts and figures that tell a more complete story of MSW management. Read it here.

Burning paper instead of recycling itThe New York Times article on incineration has to make you think. Rather than move to make recycling more cost effective, some locations have determined that a $200,000,000+ incinerator that burns garbage for electricity is a more efficient means of handling our disposables.

Recycling has been proven to work time and again. Yes, collection does add cost, but the asset value of the materials collected plus the improved environmental effect of recycling seems to have been ignored in the article. The result is that people think it is easier to burn for a one time use rather than recycle.

Resource Recovery has a place…but not the top place.

Read the New York Times article –
Garbage Incinerators Make Comeback, Kindling Both Garbage and Debate
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