Investors May be Able to Fend Off Government Actions under the President Elect

Sometimes government is not able to undo the future. At least that is the hope that I find in the attached articles about investing and the environment.

governmentNotwithstanding the fact that it appears our environmental laws will be under the greatest assault since Reagan was President, I am hopeful that the tide has already turned and ESG (Environmental Social and Corporate Governance) investing is creating a market where the dinosaurs coming into government are already on the road to extinction.

What is most interesting is the large number of countries that are pushing this issue…especially on climate change, and more recently and importantly, the number of companies being evaluated against the ESG standard by third party organizations such as MSCI. An even more hopeful indicator is the performance of the funds and stocks that are being evaluated.

So, as we enter a new year, I am hopeful that the dinosaurs will continue on their path to extinction and that those of us who are trying to effect change will be able to do so using the market forces that seem to be in motion.

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Investors Sharpen Focus on Social and Environmental Risks to Stocks
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