Gas Tax Narrow Mindedness

As much as I think that the ultimate deal on passing the gasoline tax was a poorly thought out compromise, it does at least allow New Jersey to fund its transportation infrastructure. Now, several legislators want to undermine the law by limiting the tax to road improvements at the expense of mass transit improvements.

New Jersey Gas TaxIt is frightening to hear such provincial thinking. Apparently these legislators are of the mind set that it is ok to subsidize roads with general tax dollars and have mass transit cost more in this state than almost any other part of the country but it is not ok to have a gasoline tax pay for mass transit.

More disturbing is the provincial self serving attitude that since their communities have limited mass transit services from rail, it is not in the best interest of the state to use this money for a broad range of transportation improvements.

Instead of this silly statement, why not take real action on the rail line that they purport to support?

Come on, we are all in this together.

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Some N.J. Republicans think revenue from gas tax increase should only pay for roads

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