New Jersey is 24th out of 50 States on State Energy Efficiency. I mean really now…

energy efficiency report from american council for an energy efficient economy logoThe American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy just released its 2016 report on the energy efficiency efforts in the states. Compared to our neighbors in NY, PA and DE, we came in dead last. In fact, we scored worse than last year!

The report is rather self explanatory. New Jersey has no one in the Governor’s office that really cares about energy efficiency and as such, the policies of the state reflect this lack of concern. The result, wasted energy, increased pollution of all types and a state that is less resilient to the effects of storms and natural disasters.

The good news is that when I deal with clients on energy issues and show them the very positive impacts of energy efficiency, there is a strong interest in making such improvements. This is spite of the lack of leadership.

View the 2016 American Council Report on Energy Efficiency

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