New Jersey’s Senator Smith Takes a Large Stride Toward the Circular Economy

Last week, Senator Smith introduced legislation that would require manufacturers to include post consumer content in the products that they manufacture. Interestingly, the major producers of those products were not speaking in outright opposition. They hedged their bets with the hope of watering down the legislation and having a smaller percentage of post consumer material required.

senator smith

S-2515 establishes a threshold of 35% post consumer content in most of the products sold…ie, containers…

Not surprisingly, the section of the bill that bans expanded polystyrene packing materials was opposed…I must say that I loved the argument that we need these materials to keep electronics being shipped safe…I presume that they have not seen the many packing materials that protect the electronics but are already recycled and can be recycled….

This will be a long road, but it is at least on the path to a circular economy.

Thanks Senator Smith.

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Mandate to Require Recycled Materials in Containers Gets Mixed Reception

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