Not all recycling is sustainable…Yes, I said that

First, let me say that I am a bit of a coffee snob. I like coffee that is fresh and not made in plastic cups.

Second, yes, I said that not all recycling is sustainable.

Recycling K-CupKeurig’s newly designed K-Cup is designed to be more recyclable than before. But as David Gelles points out in his article, there is more to recycling than just the ability to take a product and actually recycle it.

In most cases, recycling is a net energy saver. In the case of the K-cup, a solution in search of a problem that never existed, the net effect of making the cup, transporting it and then recycling it yields a net energy loss. Simply put, this is a product that is simply the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig.

In reality, the term is greenwashing…and truth be told, there is no way to make this product environmentally sound.

How about making coffee and not pods?

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Keurig’s New K-Cup Coffee Is Recyclable, but Hardly Green
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