The use of pesticides has always interested me. As a child, I can remember my Mother spreading Chlordane around the house…and today her complaining that there are ants present because we can’t use Chlordane any more. I even trained for my pesticide license…but never took the test.

ant-pesticideThe Times article on Europe vs. the U.S. in terms of approval to use pesticide sums up the issue beautifully. It notes that before a pesticide can be used in Europe, it must be demonstrated as safe…Here we require proof that it is harmful.

Talk about bass acwards…

Even more inane is our buying and using the pesticides that are not allowed to be used in Europe.

Well, at least there won’t be any ants…

Read the full article:
A Pesticide Banned, or Not, Underscores Trans-Atlantic Trade Sensitivities
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