Small Actions Matter!!!

Well, a belated Happy 50th Earth Day. As we try to improve the world, let’s not become overwhelmed. One person can make a small change…and those small actions can lead to another small change and so on and so on. As noted in the Politico article, what we each do DOES MATTER. It is the collective effect of these small steps that will work.

small actions

While the cause is terrible, the fact that the collective action of staying off the roads, not flying and not using as much energy is resulting in cleaner air and a cleaner environment shows what can happen if each person does one thing.

Of course, we need to get things moving again…but as noted, the lesson here is that we can think of this as a reset option. Rather than doing business as usual, we can take those small actions like driving cleaner and cleaner cars…think electric, work to buy clean energy and work to reduce our consumption of goods that pollute…think plastics…with the result being improved environmental, social and economic quality.

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