Renewable Energy

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has taken a step forward in solving a major concern with regard to renewable energy. Storage = consistency of power. As we move forward in the area of energy storage, we continue to allow for our evolution away from fossil fuels. The grants are a great step forward. […]

Energy Subsidies: Part I

Recently, I was involved in a debate on federal subsidies for the renewable energy industry. The claim was that the use of subsidies for renewables is a waste of money and that renewable energy should stand on its own against oil, gas and nuclear. First, let’s understand that a subsidy is any action by the […]

Solar has issues…

I have begun reading “Green Illusions” by Ozzie Zehner and I have to say, it is about time that this type of book has been published. Now let me be clear. I am a strong advocate of alternative and renewable energy. However, I have had questions about renewable energy since my earliest days of teaching […]