Duke Energy gets misdemeanor charge for dumping millions of gallons of toxic coal ash into North Carolina’s Dan River

Duke Energy is finally charged for illegally dumping millions of gallons of toxic coal ash into the Dan River of North Carolina. Unfortunately, this is being filed as a misdemeanor. I wonder why the law does not make this a felony? Well, that is beyond my pay grade…


But, when I have debates about renewable energy with my colleagues…where they complain about subsidies to renewables or better yet make the analogy that this winter we had some panels collapse and damage a few cars thus renewables are dangerous..I have to laugh a bit.

First, we are subsidizing the coal industry every time that we make a deal allowing companies to sully our environment with cheap disposal options. Secondly, I am fairly confident that we cannot equate the environmental damage of a destroyed solar panel with that done knowingly by Duke Energy; can we?

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Duke Energy Is Charged in Huge Coal Ash Leak
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