Warehouses or Farmland?

Jon Hurdle reports in NJ Spotlight about the rush to build warehouse distribution centers in the wake of the Pandemic. I suppose that is not necessarily a bad thing…if those warehouses were not being built on virgin farmland and causing deforestation of land. This is a rush to the bottom which is not unusual in the world of real estate developers.


Most of the time such developers see an opportunity and attempt to rush in before land use laws can be modified to prevent more destruction. Rather than destroy pristine land, why aren’t we pushing these developments onto brownfields? Maybe the useless shopping malls, usually near transportation centers, can be replaced as well.

No, we build on virgin land. In Jackson Township, 72 acres of forest was clearcut for such a facility. In White Township, another 2.8 million square feet of farmland is to be destroyed….at least another 70 acres…

This is absurd.

Read The Full Article Here:
Warehouse ‘sprawl’ spreads in NJ as pandemic accelerates e-commerce surge

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