XCel Energy sees the Future and it is Wind and Solar

In this recent Times post, Xcel Energy is highlighted for its proposal to replace two coal fired power plants with renewable energy supplemented by natural gas. Why?

Based on the bids received by the company, the company will be able to operate the new plants for less than it would have cost them to keep running old coal burning plants. They now realize that the future is not in fossil fuels but in renewable energy.

Ok, let’s be clear, I know that there are subsidies for renewables and some of the let’s support fossil fuel crowd are crying foul…but as I have noted too many times, fossil fuels have had subsidies for more than a century…and even a panel of Trump appointees voted down new coal subsidies by a 5-0 vote.

There is hope…hope that the arcane thinkers who have been appointed to important posts by this administration with the goal of taking the Country backwards will be thwarted by the very principles they espouse but don’t follow…capitalism.

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Why a Big Utility Is Embracing Wind and Solar
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