Abandoned Commercial Office Space should be transformed into Sustainable Farms

Office parks and dinosaurs.

What a great tag line for the article…it is so clear that the suburban office park was, and has, become a dinosaur. The Merck headquarters is now vacant. This huge piece of property has no one to use it.

This type of office park was never sustainable. It was away from transportation and urged us to use cars. It fostered sprawl and farmland destruction. It harmed cities and caused local politicians to encourage subsidized raid building for the land owners.

Now we are paying the price. Hollowed out buildings with no one that wants them.

Maybe, in light of the California drought, and the possible harm to western agriculture, we should take these properties and turn them into sustainable farms. In that way we can remove the vacant buildings, tear up the impermeable parking surfaces and make farm fields that grow local produce.


In other words, take what is not sustainable and work to put what is sustainable in its place…

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