New Jersey Voters Oppose the Gas Tax

In college, I had a professor who said that we are a buy me, give me, take me, send me society. The latest poll on the New Jersey gas tax supports his view.

new-jersey-gasoline-taxThe Quinnipiac University poll found that 62% of New Jersey voters oppose an increase in the gasoline tax. Although I did not see any additional results in the polls, I am willing to venture a position that these same people complain about the condition of the roads.

Hmmm…so, my professor was right. We want everything, but don’t want to pay for it; correct? How does that work?

I am not certain how people expect to pay for the roads that we drive on without paying for their maintenance. I am certain that the same people that object to a gas tax would object to any other tax as well.

Here is a suggestion that should get everyone upset. Let’s impose tolls on every major road…raise those tolls to a level that raises enough money to maintain all roads…and there you have it.

Oh wait, that won’t work. People won’t like it.

There is really no option here, but it won’t matter until we complain some more.

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By a big margin, N.J. voters oppose raising state gas tax

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