Administration Moves to Further Pollute Water

I know that this may come as a shock to some of you, but the Administration is again moving to insure that the water we drink is more highly polluted. It is rolling back one major rule and allowing cities to send more raw sewerage into our waters. In both cases, these rollbacks defy the science and simply fuel more free giveaways.

In the first case, the rule being rescinded deals with how headwaters are protected. Under the rules currently in place, property owners must take action to prevent small streams and rivers from runoff. The administration is removing these protections.


In the second case, and one that I have some familiarity with, the administration is allowing cities to stop separating combined sewer systems. Essentially, this means that in those cases where storm and sanitary sewers use combine pipes, when it rains heavily…and have you noticed that we get more heavy rains lately?…..the sanitary system flows into the storm system and guess where it ends up? That’s right, our rivers…

Ok, let’s face it. To correct this problem costs a great deal of money. Of course, notwithstanding the science, the administration’s only reasoning is money.

Obviously, the phrase penny wise pound foolish has never been heard in this Washington before.

UGH…Let’s go for a swim..

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