The Administration’s Attack on the Land that the Government is Supposed to Hold in Trust for ALL

Public lands, as noted in the articles printed recently in the Guardian, are supposed to be held in trust for ALL of the people. Yet, as we have seen in the past year, this administration has made every effort to destroy that trust. From shrinking protected lands so that energy companies can exploit resources and destroy our legacy, to making the national parks more expensive for people to see, the attacks on that trust are multiplying.

As noted, our public lands generate some $92 billion in economic activity. We have a shortfall of some $11 billion in maintenance. Yet, what does this administration propose? Raise prices on entry…i.e. make public lands pay for themselves in a way, and give away valuable resources to large corporations.

This is shameful action. People in this country tend to love their parks and open spaces.

public land parks

This administration can find billions to give corporations tax cuts, but cannot fix or maintain our public lands? Something is wrong here.

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