Do you really need that plastic straw

This may seem like one of the more trivial items to think about, but plastic straws are a good symbol of our wasteful society. They are also a good example of the law of unintended consequences. This simple thing…very convenient, has created a significant amount of environmental harm. As National Geographic reports, the straws harm […]

Airbnb as a land protection model?

Recent posts tried to cover the damage being caused by Washington through its opening of previously protected lands to exploitation and destruction by commercial interests. Specifically, the formalization of the “Tragedy of the Commons”. In the last article posted on this topic, we saw how land owners/users in the west have viewed that Federal Government’s […]

Let’s Just Throw Safety Rules For the Environment Into the Ocean

Yet again, this administration is showing its true colors. Green…and not for environmental, health or safety, but for greed and profits. You would think that after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and the embarrassing response by a supposedly environmentally responsible company, our Government, a government charged with protecting all of us, would adopt more stringent safety […]