Buy Me, Give Me, Take Me, Send Me

I have always been amused by the reaction of people to high gasoline prices. Well, amused is the wrong word really. With the exception of people who really need their cars and are truly struggling to make ends meet, I find that most people who I deal with are whiners.

high gasoline prices filling up pickup truck

I had a wonderful professor in college who use the above phrase to describe his students who complained about having to work or pay taxes, or any complaint about having to pay tuition…or for that matter, anything. His statement is succinct…and to the point…we are a society of people who want everything…but we don’t want to have to pay for it. In other words…a society of entitlement.

We will hear people say….The government can’t tell me what kind of car to buy…I have a right to buy a giant truck, or SUV or other car that uses gasoline in a wasteful way….STOP BIG GOVERNMENT…

OOPS…and by the way…GOVERNMENT should make gasoline cheaper….It is the President’s fault, it is Congress’s fault…etc.,etc., that gasoline prices are so high…I shouldn’t have to pay so much to run my wasteful, gasoline hogging vehicle…BUY ME, GIVE ME, TAKE ME, SEND ME.

It seems that there is a segment of our society…and too large a segment at that…which is of the opinion that they should have the freedom to do what they want…and by the way, if people want their silly gas guzzling vehicles…they certainly do have a right to buy them…but then they don’t get to complain about the cost of fuel….

We are all paying for fuel increases…I pay for those increases when goods are delivered…and that is the cost of business…I do not complain about the fuel surcharges since delivery businesses have no choice…However, even they are smart enough to start buying fuel efficient vehicles.

This is not a new problem…but there are too many who keep the mantra BMGMTMSE…alive.

It is time to grow up…and pay for the decision to drive a gasoline pig…

I want to reiterate though, that people who have limited options are hurting…maybe we should move more of our gasoline tax to help increase mass transit and keep it affordable so that those who need transportation can afford it?

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