Food Waste impacting our Environment

Wow, talk about talking about food! Four articles in the NY Times outline the impact that we have on climate change, wasted foods ability to feed people, wasted money and loss of landfill space…

  1. Food Waste Grows With the Middle Class
  2. Food Waste Is Becoming Serious Economic and Environmental Issue, Report Says
  3. Even Composting Comes With Sticker Shock
  4. Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Note: Limited free access; NY Times subscription may be required.

Now that’s a wonderful outline that relates all aspects of sustainability into one simple concept…Waste Not Want Not.

I have written about food waste and composting before with regard to the difficulty in siting compost facilities here in New Jersey. That hasn’t changed.

I find these articles even more interesting in that they summarize the basic tenants of sustainability from a resources standpoint as well as an economic standpoint. It is still amazing to me that we waste so much in this country.


So, take the article on reducing food waste and try it…

Oh, and maybe shows liked Chopped should have an episode that judges cooks on the amount of wasted food they generate…or better yet, maybe the food that is wasted on Chopped should at least be composted. Is it?

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