Dust Particles

Maybe cleanliness is not the best thing from a sustainability stand point. In a recent study it turns out that all those dust particles may be good for us after all. From my perspective, the really interesting part of this is the fact that exposure to the natural world, with all of its inherent potential infectious agents and dust particles seems to strengthen our immune systems and reduce asthma.

Why this is a surprise is a mystery to me. We evolved as a species exposed to the world. We now know that buildings are healthier that allow access to fresh air and natural daylight. It should come as no surprise that exposure to animals and dust from barnyards, rich in organics is good for us.

Dust Particles

Of course, this bucks the trend that lead us to kill 99.99 percent of all germs…I don’t worry about the 99.99 percent, just the .001 percent that can survive. So stop that cleaning at home…Sounds like a good excuse to me.

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Barnyard Dust Offers a Clue to Stopping Asthma in Children
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