Reusable Meal Kits…Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Talk about a society of convenience…Meal Kits to the home are now multiplying in number, quality and diversity. Finally, at least one company, FreshRealm, has determined that it should not produce waste as a product of the packaging used for these kits. Good for them.

Reusable Meal Kits Grilled SalmonThey have developed completely Reusable Meal Kits. The kit is sent back to them for sterilization and reuse. Now other companies are ordering these packages from them. Hmmm, didn’t we used to refill containers all the time? Soda, beer, etc? Well, it seems that were are coming full circle.

This does not make meal kits a sustainable resource. After all, we are requiring that individual meals and packaging be shipped to and from different addresses. That consumes fuel, and utilizes natural resources. But it is a start.

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A Tantalizing Offering From a Meal Kit Service: The Box
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