Environmental Justice…Steps to the Future

Here is another post for anyone who is an Environmental Justice advocate.

As noted, here are eight case studies on how communities have taken steps to improve both their positive steps on climate action and help improve the lives of people living in communities that are impacted by Environmental Justice issues. Specifically, more positive action.

From insuring that affordable housing has the best and safest HVAC systems in the age of covid, to improving the walkability and bikability of communities, to better flood protection to cooling infrastructure and greener spaces, these models are all directed at improving the world of Environmental Justice communities.

environmental justice

This should be a priority in every community. However, it is time that Environmental Justice communities get first bite at the apple for such improvements. In the end, we all win…If people can live in cleaner, healthier communities, we all benefit socially and to my free market fans, economically.

Think about it for just one second..We know that people who live in areas where the air and water are cleaner…and where the areas are greener…are more productive and healthier..and thus….where people cannot afford good medical coverage (a much bigger issue) place less demand on health care systems and thus…we all win.

Kudos to these communities.

Read The Full Article Here:
8 cities share how racial justice is embedded into their climate plans

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